Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Cowboy Builders Hell

This blog is offered by way of a cautionary tale. It is also predicated on the notion that builders can't be trusted. Many households are having lofts built now, for various reasons. Hence a huge increase in the number of those bidding for your hard earned cash. Here are some points worth remembering when choosing:

  1. don't choose a "packaging" company. Make sure the builder you hire will be actually doing the work.
  2. Establish there is a proper guarantee.
  3. Look at the roof yourself. Dangerous I know. But you could have photographs. We would not have approved our final roof had we seen it.
  4. Do not choose either Landmark Lofts, or New Zealand Lofts for the very reasons I have explained above..
  5. Good luck!
  6. Below is my video, one year on of our worst leak to date with water gushing into my child's bedroom on the first floor (not the loft room!) at 1.30am. She immediately turned on the light to find it was leaking through the light itself!